This competition is open to domestic and international professionals in the field of architecture and associated areas. In the case of a joint application, the proposed team can consist of a maximum of three (3) members, and the following conditions outlined below must be met:
  • As of the date of “submission”, the representative detailed on the application form must be a registered architect running his/her own practice, either in the Republic of Korea or a foreign country.
  • In the case of a joint application, one of the participants must be designated as the representative member, and the representative will have the authority on submission of the documents related to this design competition, as well as the acquisition and renunciation of rights, on behalf of the joint applicants.
  • Foreign license holders cannot submit an individual proposal. Before “registration”, a collaboration must be established with a registered and practice-running Korean architect (licensed and legally qualified by the government of South Korea) in accordance with the relevant Korean laws and regulations.
  • If selected as a winner (at the time of signing contracts for design), the authority of the contracts must be made to the licensed and registered architect in South Korea. If he/she has no qualification in the field of electricity, fire, and communication design, the winner must submit a joint supply standard agreement with a company that is qualified according to the relevant laws and regulations.
  • Entrants are not permitted to submit more than one application.
  • Stakeholders in organizing, planning, and operating the competition cannot enter.
Jeonju Station International Design Competition
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  • (1) Schedule: refer to Schedule.
  • (2) Submission: enquiries may be submitted on the Q&A page of the official website in the name of the representative member provided on the application form.
  • (3) Response: responses to enquiries will be posted on the official website.
  • (4) Notes
    • Inquires must be submitted on the official website, and cannot be submitted via e-mail, phone, or fax.
    • Enquires deemed irrelevant to the competition will not receive a response.
    • All responses to enquires will be regarded as supplementary or as a modification to the competition guidelines, and it will therefore become equivalent to the contents of the guidelines set out above.

Response to inquiries

Download the response to inquiries and Additional Resources from mypage.
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Jeonju Station International Design Competition

Available Materials

Participants who have completed registration can download the following materials from the website:
  • (1) Submission forms and related documents.
  • (2) Relevant CAD drawings (Jeonju Station building, landing platforms and railway lines, longitudinal plan and longitudinal section of the site)
  • (3) Photographs of the site and vicinity
All materials except for the application forms and competition guidelines will be provided in Korean.
If required, additional materials will be provided in addition to the materials listed above. In this case, a notification will be posted on the website or delivered via the e-mail address provided on the application form. Before submitting the final documents, entrants must check whether additional materials are required.
JeonjuStation-Aerial-Photos Download
JeonjuStation-CAD Download
Railway construction standards Download
Design description: Cover sheet Download
You can download the provided materials from the login status after completing registration.
Jeonju Station International Design Competition
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[Submission in person]
  • One (1) Design competition submission of work
  • One (1) Drawing panel, (four pages of A1)
  • Fifteen (15) copies of the Design Description (A3)
  • A compact disc (CD) containing the digital files of submitted documents
  • Architect Licenses
  • Confirmation of the establishment of an architectural office by the representative (domestic)
  • Confirmation of the administrative disposition of the architectural office (domestic)
  • Copy of a business registration certificate (one (1) copy for joint application)
  • Proxy letter from an attorney, certificate of employment (upon the registration by a proxy, not representative)

Fill out registration forms and related information online on the competition website.

  • Refer to ‘1.8 Schedule’ and submit all the required documents (refer to ‘4. Submission of Work and Standards for Document Preparation’) in person within the deadline (a mailed application will not be accepted).
  • Location for submission: Conference Room, 2nd floor, Korean Rail Network Authority, 242, Jungang-ro, Dong-gu, Daejeon, Republic of Korea (※ If the submission location changes, it will be posted on the official website).
  • All submission materials must be assembled and packed as one document, and the organizer is not responsible for any damage caused by the packing.